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CB2 Botanicals

Gorilla Punch

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A balanced hybrid with floral and fruity notes originating from a GG#4 and Clementine Cross. Dense small to medium sized buds. 

Delta 9 THC - 0.2%

THCa - 17%

Total Cannabinoids 22.7%


Buy and use at your own risk. Check your local laws before purchasing THCa Hemp Flower Products. Act responsibly with this product; please note that LEGAL HEMP can be mistaken for a MJ Product. CB2 Botanicals is not responsible for any altercations, confiscations, or arrests that occur from misunderstandings due to public use of this product. 



CB2 Botanicals is currently replacing our online CC Processor. However, we are still fulfilling online orders as requested.

Please feel free to email or Text (336)706-5061 with any order requests. You will be forwarded an Invoice with payment option and a tracking number for your order.


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